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Book 1 of The Fermi Paradox Series


In a small office of the Parkes Observatory, the scientific discovery of a lifetime breaks the Fermi Paradox. Syed has discovered proof of advanced extra-terrestrial life, a discovery that will shape the course of human history and change the world.


But will the discovery be for the betterment of humanity? Syed is forced into the spotlight, his boring video game fueled life altered beyond his wildest dreams as he becomes one of Earth's most recognised celebrities. All he has to do is tow the party line and he will be rewarded with a life of luxury as the nations of Earth struggle to find a way to reach the stars, to find out what lies within the final frontier.


But there are those that fear what will be discovered, that will pay any cost to stop humanity from venturing beyond the Milky Way.  Stephen Fordham has been raised by his grandfather to fear first contact and will stop at nothing to show humanity the folly of its course.


Syed is caught in a web of intrigue, pressured to choose between the life of fame that he always desired and his scientific integrity. As he struggles to decide what his life will stand for, construction on the first faster than light vessel, The Fermi, commences. Will he be strong enough to save the future?

The Fermi Paradox: Breaking Point

SKU: 364215375135191
  • ISBN: 978-1-922956-37-8

    PAGES: 248

    SIZE: 140mm x 216mm

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