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Book 3 of The Fermi Paradox Series

The thrilling conclusion to The Fermi Paradox Series. Discover the fate of humanity.


Earth no longer belongs to humanity.


The Shaík Varl, supposed saviours of humankind, now run Earth as part of their Galactic Empire. They have brought peace and prosperity to the planet. Their technology has made life better for everyone as it slowly replaces the inferior human technology. Or so they would have you believe.


Born into indentureship, a life of hardship toiling in the mines of Earth, Jackson has never imagined another life. But a fateful encounter will alter his life and the course of humanity forever. Trained by the Shaík Varl through twisted experiments, he quickly comes to realise all that has been purged by the Shaík Varl and that someone must fight to save human culture and freedom. But will he fight, or surrender to his more immediate desire to protect Claudia?


Meanwhile, the Alien Resistance Militia continues to battle the insidious Shaík Varl. The fight has taken its toll though and the losses continue to mount, the South African cell now cut off from the rest of the world. As Leon scrambles to use his technological expertise to find a path to victory, he must make hard choices that could spell the end of the resistance should he fail.


Is humanity destined for freedom or slavery? Can we see through the veil the Shaík Varl has created in time to alter our fate? 

The Fermi Paradox: Resistance

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$24.95Sale Price
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