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Join me in my imagination, because reality is boring anyway!

Jaxon, Goodreads review

"Just finished this book, and what a page turner it is! I finished it in two sittings because I just couldn't put it down after opening it."
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THE thrilling conclusion to the Fermi Paradox seriesfrom






THE SEQUEL to breaking point from



The Fermi ParadoX

The Fermi Paradox has been broken. The new space race has begun. The nations of Earth struggle to find a way to reach the stars, to find out what lies within the final frontier, competing to be the first to launch a vessel capable of faster than light travel.
But there are those that fear what will be discovered, that will pay any cost to stop humanity from venturing beyond the Milky Way. They fear the prediction that first contact would end disastrously for our planet, for our way of life, for our survival as a species.
As humanity reaches beyond the known, what cost will be paid? Will what they find create a utopia, or will it risk the extinction of the human race. The Fermi will find out, the Earth waits for the answers only it can provide.

Breaking Point

In a small office of the Parkes Observatory, the scientific discovery of a lifetime breaks the Fermi Paradox. Syed has discovered proof of advanced extra-terrestrial life, a discovery that will shape the course of human history and change the world.

But will the discovery be for the betterment of humanity? Syed is forced into the spotlight, his boring video game fueled life altered beyond his wildest dreams as he becomes one of Earth's most recognised celebrities. All he has to do is tow the party line and he will be rewarded with a life of luxury as the nations of Earth struggle to find a way to reach the stars, to find out what lies within the final frontier.

But there are those that fear what will be discovered, that will pay any cost to stop humanity from venturing beyond the Milky Way. Stephen Fordham has been raised by his grandfather to fear first contact and will stop at nothing to show humanity the folly of its course.

Syed is caught in a web of intrigue, pressured to choose between the life of fame that he always desired and his scientific integrity. As he struggles to decide what his life will stand for, construction on the first faster than light vessel, The Fermi, commences. Will he be strong enough to save the future?


The Fermi, the first human vessel capable of faster than light travel is complete. Its crew of six is ready to launch humanity into the galaxy, to find the extra-terrestrials discovered decades earlier by the scientist, Syed Abidi.


Alina Koralev is the newest member of the crew. Brought in at the last moment, she is faced with a group that has prepared for years to undertake this venture and must overcome her own anxiety to ensure the success of the mission. As the crew's astronomer, she will be faced with difficult decisions that will shape the future, not only of The Fermi and its crew, but for Earth.


Meanwhile, the Alien Resistance Militia, led by Stephen Fordham, faces its greatest challenge yet. How to stop contact with extra-terrestrials when humanity has already decided to reach out into the stars. Not only will the resistance face annihilation if it fails, but Stephen knows that they are the only hope humankind has of evolving into its full potential. Harnessing the power of other fanatics, Stephen will need to make a final, desperate gambit to ensure humanity remains alone in the galaxy.


As the Earth enters a new paradigm of existence, its governments and most powerful corporations vie to capitalise on the opportunities that are presented. But little do they know the true power of the Sháik Varl. Will humanity discover the truth in time to safeguard their own future?


The Adventures of Goron Bloodblade

Earth no longer belongs to humanity.


The Shaík Varl, supposed saviours of humankind, now run Earth as part of their Galactic Empire. They have brought peace and prosperity to the planet. Their technology has made life better for everyone as it slowly replaces the inferior human technology. Or so they would have you believe.


Born into indentureship, a life of hardship toiling in the mines of Earth, Jackson has never imagined another life. But a fateful encounter will alter his life and the course of humanity forever. Trained by the Shaík Varl through twisted experiments, he quickly comes to realise all that has been purged by the Shaík Varl and that someone must fight to save human culture and freedom. But will he fight, or surrender to his more immediate desire to protect Claudia?


Meanwhile, the Alien Resistance Militia continues to battle the insidious Shaík Varl. The fight has taken its toll though and the losses continue to mount, the South African cell now cut off from the rest of the world. As Leon scrambles to use his technological expertise to find a path to victory, he must make hard choices that could spell the end of the resistance should he fail.


Is humanity destined for freedom or slavery? Can we see through the veil the Shaík Varl has created in time to alter our fate? 

"I'm not the hero of this story.


The real hero is Goron Bloodblade. Yes, that Bloodblade."

Ned has a story to tell.  The true story about some of Goron Bloodblade's most celebrated and famous adventures. But who is Ned? He is Goron's best friend, the one that is always left out by the bards and minstrels when they write the epics that are told around the campfires.

Follow along as Goron hacks his way through one mishap after another to become a legend. Learn the truth about how the mythical figure actually achieved the mighty deeds that have made him famous. Explore a fantastical world of action, adventure and magic from the perspective of the sidekick. 

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ABOUT SCOTt cirakovic


Scott Cirakovic is a fantasy and science fiction author from Australia. He currently lives in New South Wales with his wife, two children, three dogs, cat, rabbit and two birds in what he describes as 'the zoo'. He has graduated from James Cook University with a bachelor of business and has served in the Australian Army as a commissioned officer for over ten years. Scott grew up in country Victoria in a small town called Korumburra, where his parents owned the local video and convenience store, which helped kick-start his love of the fantasy and science fiction genres in all their forms. He has lived all over Australia's east coast and travelled internationally extensively.



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